Sunday, March 31, 2013

Free as a Bird!

Free as a bird! I grew up hearing this language and today sitting on the lake eating my oatmeal I think I finally embraced this as my own!

I live in a country where "Freedom" is the first name of United States of America. We claim to be a free country and we even send our military into other countries to make sure they are "free" too. But by whose standards do we define Freedom?

I am Free to think and feel as I want but not if I am too loud about it or offend someone. I am free to chose my friends but not my family. I am free to chose who to marry but not if they are female or transgendered. I am free to live where I want but not if I can't pay the rent when I am out of work. I am free to worship how and where I want but not if it means casting a circle and celebrating skyclad outside of my own apartment. I am free to be a woman but not in the pulpit of many churches. I am free not to be raped but not if I wear short skits and see through tops without a bra.

I am Free!

What I am free to be is ME! I am free to speak my mind, to believe as I want and to embrace whoever and whatever I want to. I am free to speak that I am Pagan Witch and not care if someone doesn't like it. I am free to be Woman and speak for the return of the matrilineal times of the Goddess. I am free to love or not love who or what ever I want. I am free to dance, sing and rejoice in the life that I live.

I am free to live in this body for as long as it lasts unless someone else decides that I am no longer free to do so.

I am free to be the Spirit that I was created to be.

And so I am free as a bird. Free to fly over the Lake with grace and beauty! Free to soar as I embrace all that I am. Free from the threats of hell and damnation. Free from the fear of sin and judgment.

I am free as a bird!

May you also embrace the freedom that you have. There are still rules and those who want to convince us otherwise, but we are still free! Not as the government says, but as the Goddess tells us!

Aho and Blessed be! 

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  1. Oh my Goddess! So beautifully said! I love your stance on freedom-makes me want to go out to the yard and twirl, sing and dance. Thank you!