Thursday, May 30, 2013

Anything is possible~~~~right?

I believe that anything is possible.
So I wasn't surprised when I had a very clear Vision on my walk yesterday.

I was thinking about my life as I walked. I was thinking how I agreed to marry the man I did, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I thought about how I made the decisions to have children with this man and then watched at how this man's choices caused such emotional damage. Then I watched as my son began to manifest his mental illness and honored his choice to end the patriarchal line by having a vasectomy. He is the last of this line of mentally ill, addicted men!

So as I was walking I had this Vision:
I saw my Self standing before the Goddess before I was born.
She said she had a very important job for me, but wanted to tell me that it would not be pleasant, it would be full of heart break and heart ache, but there would be good I would do!
My Self said Yes!

I wonder if it is possible that our Selves are asked sometimes to go on a mission to help end or begin something deemed important by the Goddess.

As I walked I saw Goddess hand Me my Journey Papers! This Journey was to put an end to the Patriarchal Mental Illness of this particular family. It meant I had to marry into the family and have a son who could end the gene pool that had hurt so many people for so very long of a time.

I agreed to sacrifice my own happiness for the good of future generations.

I did just that! I accomplished my mission for this lifetime.

I often wonder if this is something that could have actually happened or if it just helps me make sense out of my life. To make sense out of "why me, why my son, why my daughter?"

I don't believe in random visions, so I honor this for what it is. I also honor the life I have led and will continue to live; loving my Self, my son and my daughter!

Yes, I have made some pretty amazing differences in the lives of so many and for that I am grateful. I am also grateful for those who have touched my life and made this mission more tolerable!

May we all embrace our Journeys; knowing we may never know "why me?" But trusting that Goddess knows!

Blessed be and much Love!

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