Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It's been an interesting two weeks. My daughter who is 28 has begun the journey of Discovering HerSelf! Oh yes, we all do this, but it has been touching to watch her attend to those things that have plagued her for so long and to have her share her Revelations with me. She has hired a Life Coach, sent to her by Goddess, even tho' she is expensive, and her time has made remarkable impact on my daughter. Yes, a lot of what this "other" woman is telling my daughter is things I have told her but this is oh so different and I am thankful for this woman's presence in her life!

Transformation once begun is a never ending journey. My daughter had a very emotionally and mentally abusive father. She was sexually abused by him even tho' he never laid a hand on her. He was (still is) addicted to porn and oh the story is long, but let it be said she has many struggles with what he did. This week with her Life Coach, my daughter heard for the first time: "have you ever considered that you chose this family to be born in so you could learn certain lessons?"

Now we have had this talk before as I throw ideas I am thinking about out to her, but this week, the message even tho' not a New Word was a Now Word. As she was telling me about it, I could literally see a few of the chains fall from around her. I could sense that she was beginning to see what had happened to her in a new light; not having to give up being mad at her dad just yet, but being able to reframe her PTSD into Lessons Learned for the Journey.

What I would have given to have learned this when I was 28 years old.

And so I have to seriously begin to think about her choice of me as her mom; her choice of coming into the marriage that would lend itself to an abusive male that has damaged both me and my daughter. And I have to seriously begin to think about what lessons I needed to learn as I chose the family I came into that ultimately led me to an abusive marriage.

Both of us are on the road to Rebirth! Rebirth as Goddess reaches for us and pulls us out  of our old Selves and Lifts us Up to our Divine Selves! Taking our rightful place as Goddess walking in this Garden!

It can be painful at times; but what I have learned is that sometimes the Best Lessons are made out of Suffering and Pain. I don't know that it is the Way, but I just know it to be True in my Life and in my Daughter's Life.

So, thank you Goddess for coming in the vessel of the Life Coach for my daughter and I pray that she will have the money she needs to pay for her for as long as You need her to be with this amazing woman!

I thank you Goddess that my daughter chose me as her mom! It has been, is and will continue to be an Amazing and Incredible Journey! Lessons Learned, Lessons Shared, Lessons Embraced as the New Self Rises from the Old Self! New, Delicious, Enchanting, Powerful, Secure and most of all Divine!

Blessed be!

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