Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Waning Crescent Moon

Someone asked me once if I had a favorite moon phase. I didn't even have to think about it. The Waning Crescent Moon I said. This week I was taking my walk before dawn and there She was! That beautiful Waning Crescent Moon Goddess and I stood and pondered why She has always been my favorite.

And as I stood before Her my very Being cried out: She is Fading Away! Too many times I have felt like I was fading away; like I could no longer hold on to and reflect the Light of the Divine. Too many times in my almost 60 years of Living in this Garden I felt lost and could not find Goddess so like a Mirror I could reflect Her back into the dark world. I was slowly but surely fading into my own Darkness.

And yet I held on; you know like those sweet pictures of fairies sitting in the crest or hanging onto the very edge of this fading moon with smiling adventurous faces! Those are sweet pictures, but in reality there were too many times I was literally holding on to this sliver of light for my very life!

And then the Darkness would come; no sliver of hope to hang on to; no brightness showing me the way. Lost in the Wilderness I would say and I wonder how many of those early People would find themselves each month Wandering without Light for a few days before they had invented Fire. Were they as frightened as I was the first time I entered the Darkness? How long did it take them to Trust that the Light would return and show them the Way? It took me years to see that if I just waited in the Darkness and Trusted that the sliver would return and slowly manifest itself into the Brightness that reflects off snow and ice and the ocean and lakes that I too would find my Way and begin to Reflect Her Light back into the Darkness.

How very simple I have learned. How incredibly simple it all is. But what I know to be true is this: the Dark is Fucking Dark! And Waiting is Fucking Scarey and Hard. And I am impatient and I didn't Trust well that She would return for me and yet She always did.

Now it is easier for me. I don't have as many Dark times as I once did. But I know those who seem to last longer in that New Moon stage; being so afraid that they won't even look up and gaze at Her, to see that if you really focus you can see Her even tho' She is not reflecting Light back. It is in these times that we learn to Trust that She is there. Oh it may be through just simple Waiting it out, or it may be through a Friend or a Family member who knows the Truth of Her Return. It may be through Medication or through a favorite Book, ournal entry, Animal or even a Sacred Text, Music or a good Meal.

She teaches us to look for Her Light in those people, animals or things that speak of Her to us! We just have to remember to reach out to those people and things who can Reflect Her Light to us when we find ourselves Dark! And when we forget to reach out or we don't have the energy to do so; we hope that there will be others who will remember that they can bring the Light when we need it most! Animals know how to do this instinctively, it's us humans that need to live it and learn it!

The Moon will be Dark in a few days! Can we Trust that She will Return to Us? On most days I do! I will be there when your days are dark if you will do the same for me!

Blessed be!


  1. Darkness can sometimes be a blessing too..the time to stop striving, to be silent, to go within, to stop the chatter, the merry go round, the time to be in one's STILL SELF, or to look at the Void, which can be listen to the deep Wisdom of the Crone Goddess. On the Moon Cycles, attuned to the Moon, rather than the patriarchal Solar reality, the Dark is just as necessary and needed as the Light. Our own wombs, our own inner wisdoms, our deepest intuitions. I had such a dream today, it was a bit scary, going into a house that was Dark....and chasing out the negativity within. Negativity is one thing, but Dark is is as much a part of Nature, as the Moon and Stars need the Night, and for best Star viewing, astronomists LIKE Dark Moons, so they can see ALL the Stars, which the bright Moon can obscure. It is part of the Yang and the Yin, too much of one thing and not of another, one loses the balance...too much Light and the Earth is scorched.

    But this doesn't mean our inner flames should EVER go out, we must hold those Flames dear, through the Dark....and She will return again in due time. As we increase, we also must empty, and Dark/Waning Moons are hard for me too, and especially the Dark wintery time of the year, before the Spring Equinox, even though the Light is slowly starting to return....that Winter season seems to get harder and harder for me each year.

    This is also a time to burn stuff in your cauldron, to let go of and destroy those things you no longer need in your life, those things holding you back, to let them go.....a perfect time, the waning/Dark Moon. The pregnant possibility of the Void, before Manifestation...all part of the Cycle of the Goddess and of Mother Nature.
    -In Sisterhood,

  2. Thank you both for such empowering words.
    Now its autumn and the fullness of the moon speaks so loudly. The harvest time and reaping. now is the time to prepare for wintry darkness to come. Time to peel and pare - a full season of waning crescent.