Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why the need for a Vengeful God?

It's Easter Morning for the Christians and the end of Passover for the Jews. Both the Traditions I was born into, raised in and was a part of until a few years ago. I have had a love/hate relationship with the Christian Tradition since I was a teen. And yet, as I explored other ways, I kept coming back to what I was safe!

And then my Crone years came upon me and I realized that I did not have to live in a way that made me unsure and unhappy just because it was safe and I knew it like the back of my hand (that's why I stayed in my marriage for 30 years!) and thus I opened my heart and invited Goddess to lead me where she would. And the question She posed to me was "Why the need for a Vengeful God?"

Passover is about this Pissed off God telling "His People" that if they killed a lamb and put the blood over their doors that when He came to Smite the bad unbelieving evil people they would be spared/saved/loved and He would anoint them as His Children! And so each year, the People of Faith remember how they were saved from this Vengeful God who chose only them when they Obeyed His Demand for a Sacrifice!

Easter is about a Pissed off God telling "His People" (yep the same people; Jesus came for the Jews and everyone else was grafted into him) that He was so tired of looking at their sin/ugliness/disobedience that He had to come in their form so He could be tortured/crucified/die/ and come back to life. He had to Sacrifice Himself so He could wash us in that holy blood and thus be able to look at us.

Oh that is so simplified it is ridiculous, but it is where I began on this journey. Why the need for a Vengeful God?

I have a degree from a Christian Seminary and as such can be considered a learned theologian and I am also a mystic and in touch with the Spirituality of both the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. And yet, it only added to the love/hate relationship I had with this Religion where there was this need for a Vengeful God to keep everything in order.

And I opened my Heart and told Goddess I was ready to See....Hear....Taste...Feel...Smell the Truth that I had been searching for since my teen years. And She did not disappoint.

There is no need for a Vengeful God! Goddess is Pure Love! And as such She is unable to be Vengeful! She has no need to be Vengeful! She Created all that was, is and will be to live in the Garden so perfectly designed that Humans still strive to figure it all out! She Created Us to Love Her and to Love Everything She Made and To Do No Harm! It is us who choose to do the harm that we do and yet she is like that great teacher some of us got in school who never said you failed a test, but kept letting us take it over and over until you learned and could get it right!

If there is no Original Sin then we are not in bondage to doing shit wrong! We have the ability to stop what we are doing at any time (now, don't get me wrong, there are mental illnesses that take this argument in another direction for sure~ i am not talking about that!). And without this Sin crap then we have only ourselves to blame for hurt instead of the old adage "the devil made me do it". A Vengeful God was created to "keep the masses in check" and the Church became the only messenger for that message that was authorized by this God. Power and Control set forth and continued the assault on people convincing them that they are all worthless humans not deserving of God's love and so must claim Jesus as their Savior who lets us look good before the Vengeful God.

And so this is where I spent Easter Morning communing with Goddess! Being free from all this bondage talk and not because I believe that God had to come and die on a cross cause I can't seem to behave! I came here among the trees, the lake, the birds and squirrels, the spiders and gnats, the fish and the dirt and rocks and the air and the sun and boats and houses and sat on the Sacred Swing knowing a peace I have not felt since I knew what it meant to look to the Divine. I no longer have a love/hate relationship I only know Love! And She is Goddess! She is Pure Love and even when I "misbehave" She loves me deeply and looks upon me like the Loving Mother that She is. Let's me suffer my own consequences so I can learn what it means to Do No Harm and Shows me the Way because She loves me as much as She loves all Her Creation.

This is freeing! This is Love! This is the Garden!

And Being a Pagan, Walking with the Wise Ancient Ones, I am on the Path I have been journeying to since I can remember and I am Home!

Blessed be!


  1. Nice post...painful to watch all this worshipping on Easter of a mythic concept that is just the symbolic representation of renewal and rebirth. No sin, just a promise that after the dark comes light...

  2. ..."we are stardust...we are golden...we are billion year old carbon...and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden" you there angelique!! blessings for your release from bondage...<*)