Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Great Awakening

April 1st and Spring has definitely arrived in my part of the world. My walk this morning was full of Evidence and Surprises as I communed with Gaia! Crisp cool Air, rising Sun, deep blue Sky and a few wispy Clouds set the Scene for Time with Gaia! I stopped and sent up a prayer giving thanks for all my Senses and for my Gram who gave me gift of Listening! We would lie in bed together when She visited, and She would tell me to listen to the Morning Doves, the Woodpeckers and the Whip-O-Wills as they told their stories. She was a great Story Teller!

Today Gaia spoke so much to me that She made my head spin! I finally ended up on the Sacred Swing by the Lake just to be calm and take it all in. Not Surprising, She continued Her teaching and I was enjoying Listening!


These words permeated my Mind, Body and Soul as I walked in Her Glory. The first stop was at a beautiful Snow Ball bush!

Sometimes like a Good Mom, Gaia just has to get in my face! I am so happy that these bushes are all over the apartment complex. My Grandmother had them growing in her yard and I loved them so much as a kid visiting with her. Gaia told me that sometimes She has to show up in Big Balls of Glory so Her Children will notice Her. And yet, most will drive by the Snow Ball Bushes without any thought to what a miracle it is that this bush grew from a very small seed that was planted in a very small pot and then planted in the ground and asked to produce. We expect that what is planted will grow and flourish because "we" say so. We have come to expect Results! And when it doesn't happen it is pulled up by the roots and thrown in the dumpster instead of being nourished with love, water, fertilizer and the right soil.

There is much that goes into Growth. And sometimes Gaia has to be Bold and in our Face to show us that with the right soil, water, sunshine and love the Growth will be plentiful and will bless us and others!

And I thought of my Growth. I thought about all my Gram was trying to teach me, but I was throwing it into the Dumpster right and left because I did not have the right soil and water to encourage it's growth at the Time. It was All About Me and Where I Was Going and What I Was Doing and She was an Old Lady trying to be In My Face!

As I am writing this, I realize that Gaia had me thinking a lot about my Maternal Grandmother on my Walk. How interesting that it is only now that I am realizing that. I do believe She was a Witch but never quite got it. She was too entrenched in the Christian Faith and that would have gotten Her hung probably! But She knew things and She had a gentleness while She was in my face!

Bold and Beautiful! Gaia is that, my Gram was that and I am that! The Snow Ball bush will soon lose it's flowers and for the rest of the summer it will be just a plain ol' green bush along with all the other just plain ol' bushes! And yet, this bush was Bold about it's Glory for a Time before it settled down into just being a bush!

Sounds familiar, don't ya think?

Blessed be!

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  1. love, water, fertlizer and the right many of us have not had either the love or the right soil....and we are like those Snowball Bushes, able to flourish only when we make the conditions right...wonderfully put dear one...thank you for sharing this