Friday, March 30, 2012

Sea Gulls and Me

I have started walking before dawn again. I love the coolness and that time between the deep sleep and the gentle awakening of another day. There has always been something magical about that time of day for me. This morning was no different. As I was walking and the birds were singing and I was giving thanks to Goddess for the dawning of a new day, I remembered a time when I became very aware of how connected we are with Nature!

When I go on vacation to the beach, I make sure I walk on the beach every morning before the rising of the Sun. On this one particular day, Goddess revealed Her message of Connectivity in a visual and profound way.

Walking in the dark on the beach is a magical moment all by itself. Nothing but the waves flowing in and out; no other sounds; not even birds. It is the Stillness that I adore. And on this particular morning I was in prayer when the sea gulls began to arrive. They are the first to wake up and look for food it seems. Then the sky began to lighten. It is gradual you know; nothing out of the ordinary on this morning; I just kept walking and watching the horizon so that with the first glimpse of the sun I could stop and face this magnificent gift of the Earth Turning!

And I did. I stopped and turned to the horizon; the waves still breaking onto the shore; more birds arriving; and I began to worship the Goddess of Love and Light! And then you know that feeling that you get that you are not alone? Well, I got that and thought someone had walked up beside me, so I looked over and saw no one. Then my eyes were pulled down to the sand and there standing right beside me were two sea gulls also facing the rising Sun!

They were not moving or making a sound; just standing there beside this human; the three of us in Awe and Worship of the Magic of Goddess here on the beach! I barely could breathe being overwhelmed at how alike we all are; how responsible we are for each other; and how we all Know the Creatress!

It was as if time stood still, but soon the sun fully rose and the gulls went about their way looking for breakfast. It took me awhile to begin my walk back to the cottage; it was all so surreal! Goddess in all Her Glory showed up on the Beach of Nags Head that sacred morning. I was forever changed!

Moments like these use to be few and far between for me. I think now it was only because I wasn't prepared to see that clearly through the Veil! But now, She Speaks to me on almost a daily basis. Sometimes in the mundane and sometimes in the Awesomeness of Her Creation.

My heart was warm as I walked with this memory today! Many I have told just smile and say, "that must have been cool," but I can see in their eyes they think I must be making it up. But I don't think I could make up such a story. Me and two sea gulls worshiping together on the beach?

Who knew Goddess had such a sense of humor?

Blessed be!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Morning for the 3 of you ..We have a lot of Respect for Sea Gulls in Cornwall,South of England ,We believe them to be the Souls of Dead Fisherman.The Gulls spend their days flying over the Ocean to watch over the Men that spend their days at Sea fishing for a living )0( Blessed Be