Sunday, March 4, 2012


I went to Church this morning.

I bundled up as it was very cold outside and I went to Church.

I walked outside my apartment and into Father Sun who said, "Good morning my daughter, I am here to Light your path and to nourish you with my delicious Vitamin D! Have fun"

I walked up the hill and there above me was Goddess Waxing Moon who said, "I have been waiting for you! I am on my way to another land and wanted to tell you how much I love you! Watch me wax to light with the promise that I will be full once again; just as your life happens with moments of fullness, waxing, waning, darkness. I am always here; find me!"

I went to church today!

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal stopped their flight and perched in a tree as I passed and sang their sweet love song to me. I bowed with a Namaste and smiled and I do believe if birds can smile they smiled back.

An elderly couple waked by coming from the corner store with a newspaper in his hands. We greeted one another as we passed. I could feel Goddess smile.

I went to church today!

The wind blew and I pulled my scarf up closer to my face and looked up at the pine trees standing tall against it. And I thanked them for showing me green life in the midst of the cold winter. I know it to be true that in my winter times life still stirs inside of my soul!

And then I noticed that the Red Bud trees were budding. Fooled by the recent very warm spell they have begun to push forth their flowers only to be greeted now with freezing temperatures and the surprise that it is not yet time to bloom! Ah, Teacher, how I must pay attention to times I think it is time to bloom and you are telling me "not yet!"

I went to church today.

Grandmother Tree waited for me to come and give her a hug which I did and I was filled with her strength and groundedness.

And the Lake was full of life. Two small ducks gracefully glided over the water, disappeared under the water and then reappeared further away. The Geese choir was in full force and squirrels were playing in the trees. Not a cloud in the sky as a Raven spread it's glorious wings and silently flew on the wind currents!
Leaves spoke to me as I walked through them reminding me of my childhood playing in the forest and loving that sound. It was quiet on my walk through the forest on my way back home. Only the faint cry of a bird; the wind singing through the trees bare of their leaves; and the rustle of leaves as the squirrels ran for the next tree. An acorn fell.

I went to church today!

And I paused to say thank you to Gaia. She who provides all! She who is the Teacher of Life! She who is all there is and all there ever will be!

And I paused to say thank you to Goddess for all Her Creation! I lifted up to Her all my requests for healing, love, comfort, support, safety, understanding, peace, and joy!

I went to church this morning and never stepped into a building, never had to worry about whether it was ok for me to be there, never had to worry about the rules, about whether I was worthy enough, about whether I believed the right things.

I was in the Goddess Church; where I am at all times!

And I was blessed!


  1. I LOVE THIS... i hope you dont mind i forwarded it to a friend with whom i have many discussions about spirituality