Wednesday, March 7, 2012


And the storms came
And the towering pine trees were pulled right up out of the ground.
Gaia had a lesson to teach us.

She is like that, you know!
She has built all the lessons we need to know into Her Creation!
It is up to us to open our eyes and ears and watch and listen.

The pines have very shallow roots.
Roots that hover just under the ground surrounding the trunk.
It took a big storm to uproot them, but they were uprooted none the less.

How deep are our roots?
What have we done to encourage our roots to dig deep into the soil?
What anchors us to Gaia?

There were Oaks that fell also.
Some uprooted and it is amazing to see how deep and how large the roots were.
What a storm that must have been?
What storms come into our lives to uproot us when we were assured we were anchored?

Gaia wants to remind us that no matter what, we are all susceptible to storms that threaten to uproot our very lives.
Sometimes we stand and weather it with only a loss of a few leaves and branches.
Sometimes we are pulled up by our roots and left to rot in the forest.

And the workmen came with chain saws in hand.
They cut up the trees into smaller and more manageable pieces to be used for firewood or taken somewhere else to decay and give back to the earth.
Gaia reminds us that there is no waste in Her Creation.

And that includes us!
Sometimes it is pruning time and Gaia has to send a major storm so that we can be rid of unnecessary branches.
Sometimes it is necessary for us to be chopped up into pieces and transported to another place.
Sometimes we are left to rot so that new life can come forth.

Gaia has a lesson and we just need to pay attention.
What lesson is she teaching me?
What storms have come into my life? What ones are still on the radar screen?

My roots are deep and strong, but my branches that reach out into the world are tender and vulnerable. They are at risk to be broken, shattered and destroyed.
But Gaia never leaves something to be nothing.
She uses everything in Her Creation and She uses me and you!

How awesome is that?

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