Sunday, February 24, 2013

A message from Mother Earth to Sweat Lodge

I had dinner with the Goddesses of Earthen Moon last night. Through Margaritas and good food we spoke of the snow and rain that has kept us from building the Sweat Lodge the past two weekends. The land has been cleared of the English Ivy and other brush and the plans are in order to begin building the Women's only Sweat Lodge at Earthen Moon. 

We have all felt the urgency and excitement of completing this sacred task very soon. But it seems Mother Nature has gotten in the way of this outdoor work. The past two weekends have found us ready to begin and yet, an unexpected snow storm and then heavy rain cancelled those plans. 

Through the Margaritas and good food, Mother Earth began to speak to me. I said Her words to Jamie to consider, but through Margaritas and good food there often seems to be doubt in what one hears. And so as I went to bed later in the evening I asked Goddess to give me clarity and this is the Vision I received as I woke this morning.

Through me, Mother Earth gifts this message to Sacred Sweat Lodge! Aho!

"Greetings to the Sweat Lodge that will one day sit upon my Sacred Soil; that will one day be embraced by my Sacred Trees; that one day will provide a Safe Place for Renewal, Rebirth and Vision to many Women! That will one day be led by a Spirit like none other, Jamie Allen! Greetings and Welcome! 

I come to tell you that I am not ready for you to sit on my Soil. You see, I am healing and need to lay Fallow a bit longer. Do not feel an urgency; I will tell you when it is time. I am healing from all the pulling and digging that the loving hands of beautiful Goddesses did to prepare the path and the place for You to be built. And I am sore. 

I also Desire Time to soak up the Prayers and the Energy that are now being bestowed in this Place. I am honored that Jamie visits every day to give thanks for the gift of this area; I am honored that she received the Vision and carries that Energy to this place so the Vision can become reality; I am honored that Jamie and Alison bought this Land so that Women will have a Safe place to Visit; to be in Ceremony and Circle; to tell their Stories and most of all to Heal! Just like I need to Heal for a bit longer!

I am soaking it all up my Dear Sweat Lodge in preparation for great and wonderful work that will be done on my Soil. 

So, I ask You to wait. I ask you to help Jamie take deep breaths of Me as she learns to Wait. Much must be done before it is time. And while she and Alison are taking care of other things I can continue to Heal and to Soak up all that I need to be that place of Sanctuary, of Healing, of Renewal! 

I am honored Dear Sweat Lodge that You have chosen this area of Me to live on! I am honored that Women will Desire to walk the Path to You and I will Show them the Way! I await the many Goddesses who will Sit upon me, Pray upon me and Heal in my Embrace! 

The Time will be Soon, but Wait for my Call to You! It will be the Perfect Time and all will go well! Do not hurry. Watch and Wait! Blessed be and Love from Mother Earth to you Sacred Sweat Lodge! Aho!"

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Am Ashamed!

I am ashamed! I am ashamed of this country! I am ashamed of those I love in my family who feel they hold the Truth and that their way is the only way. I am ashamed to say that we are related. I am ashamed that they want this country to be a white man's country; only speaking English; only filled with European blood; and if they had their way it would be totally run by men.

I am ashamed of this country at large and I no longer stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance (ok, so if my parents are there I at least stand, but that is out of respect for them and that I don't want to have another debate with my dad!) as I only pledge "allegiance" to Goddess.

I am ashamed of the way "the neighbor" is treated even tho' it is not in their creeds to treat others in this way. Oh crap, I forgot....."we are sinful and unclean and cannot free ourselves" (Lutheran confession liturgy). I am ashamed that there are people who want to close the borders and make English the only language spoken in this country.

And so, with that in mind I posted about what it would have been like if the Native Peoples on this continent had closed borders; if they had in fact made a law that only their languages could be spoken in this country. Nope, they opened up their land, their homes and their hearts and welcomed the "immigrants" into this beautiful country.

I am ashamed as to what was then done to them and is still done to them. And who did it? White Christians. I cannot and will not forget this. It was the White Christian who stole the land; massacred the Native Peoples; brought disease to the Peoples and who stole their culture, their languages, their way of living. All in the name of their Christian God!  And their numbers were too great and they won!

They drove the Peoples onto reservations; these people who truly understood what it meant to share with the neighbor and how to honor and worship the Spirit. They knew the Land! Knew Her! They held Women in high esteem! They taught their children their cultures and how to treat others and the earth! 

I am ashamed!

And now the White Christian Voice is trying so hard to keep those "not like them" out of this country that wasn't theirs to begin with.

I say take down the Statue of Liberty. This is no longer a country that opens it's heart and land for anyone else.

But I do see hope! I see changes and that is why the White Christian Voice is getting louder and louder. They know deep in their souls that the tide is changing. The Shift is coming! There are now more of "us" then them. But the difference is that we don't have to be loud! We just do what we know to do! Love and care for all of creation and listen to the Spirit as She speaks in, with and through us to return to Peace, Love and Life!

I sense the Shift as I move through the Forest on my Walks. I sense the Movement as I converse with others who no longer believe the lies and the betrayal of the White Man Christianity (and I will acknowledge there are ones in that religion who feel the same way I do!). I have a deep stirring in my soul that Patriarchy is coming to an end and it will be ugly for awhile as those who are enmeshed in the angry God mentality; the power and control and the war mentality try desperately to hold on to what they will now loose.

And I am proud! Proud to be counted in those who are enlightened and will help others as this change comes about. I do not stand saying I am the Way, the Truth and the Life! I stand with others saying this must stop and it must stop soon!

She is here! She is now! She is beautiful, kind, loving and waiting! Stand with me! It is time! I don't want to be ashamed any longer!

Aho and Blessed be!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Eve and the Serpent

Goddess Eve has been holding me hostage now for about a week. Now, I don't mean hostage in a negative way at all. She has been very present with me and as such I haven't been able to get her out of my mind. So today on my very cold walk after work, I called out to Goddess Eve and I asked Her what She had to tell me.

There was a brief pause and the stillness was deafening and I heard Her say:

"My Story is being held captive and I need you and my other Sisters to speak the Truth, live the Truth and love the Truth that is My Story. My Story! Not the Story that was hijacked by the patriarchal writers of the book of Genesis found in the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament is what the Christians call it), but My Story and the Story of the Serpent! I have been in your Heart and Mind because the time is now as Goddess is getting stronger every day! This story holds back so many people who would see through the veil otherwise."

I told Eve that I would be glad to be Her Voice!

Here is the HerStory!

"I was created at the same time as the other Mammals. We were all created in the Image of the Divine; both female and male! One day my friend the Serpent came to visit. She told me great stories of this Garden, for you see She was created way before the Mammals. She knew the Wonders and the Magic held in the Rock People, the Mountain People, the Cloud and the Water People. She knew all the Plant and Animals, both in the Sky and in the Water! She was the Wise One! She was the Healer and Spoke for the Divine.

And so this day my friend the Serpent and I were walking in the Garden and She posed a Question to me, "Do you know there is a Tree in the middle of the Garden that is the most beautiful and has the most delicious Apples on it?" Of course I knew of this Tree, but I had never felt the desire to eat one of the apples from that tree. We walked to it and I gazed upon it. Yes, the apples were the reddest red I had ever seen.

Let me tell you, Sister, the Desire to eat one of these apples was overwhelming. Serpent told me I must ask the Tree for permission, and so I did!

Grandmother Tree then told me HerStory of how She grew from a very tiny seed that is housed inside the delicious apples She produces. She taught me about the precious Seeds that reside inside of me too.

I asked if I could eat of Her Fruit and She told me that I could but to know that this was the first step in Understanding that I embodied the Divine. She told me that when I ate the Apple that my eyes would be opened and I would see the beauty of my body; hear my own Divine Voice; and understand that I was the Vessel who would bring other humans into this gorgeous Garden. She explained that this was a great honor and responsibility to be the Caretaker, the Mother, the Creatress! I would be the very Vessel that the Goddess would continue to Create through! I would be transformed; re-birthed; I would be shedding my Old Skin of Understanding! Was I ready?

Serpent Friend slithered up my leg and around my back and let me put the apple on Her Head. She blessed it and I was ready to taste the juiciness of this Gift!

Yes! My eyes were opened! The sky was the bluest ever; the Moon spoke directly to me; the Sun lit up my face and I felt the warmth spread through my Body. Oh, my Body! What beautiful Breasts, what powerful legs and arms, what an intelligent brain and loving heart, and how juicy my Labia and Vagina were. How had I not noticed this beautiful container for the Goddess Spirit that was Me?

I laughed a deep and glorious Laugh and Grandmother Tree and Serpent laughed with me. Before I knew it, all of Creation laughed with me and then it happened! Oh, my Sister, the most glorious thing happened! Goddess embraced me and held me tightly to Her and said, "My Daughter, you are gifted for all time to be my Vessel in the World. I have been waiting for you to be ready to Hear YourStory. You are the one I anoint to be my Co-Creator! You are Woman and you will be my Birther in the Garden. As more Women appear some will give birth to other humans; some will birth great ideas, some will birth Me! But Woman will be the Voice for the Divine. And my Voice is LOVE and TRUTH.

And so you see, this is not the story at all that people have been told for so many eons. MyStory is trapped in the lies and betrayal of a Patriarchal God who punishes and passes Judgement. This is not The Truth!"

I waited a bit not knowing if Goddess Eve was finished with HerStory. She was letting it soak into my very DNA so that I had one of those Ah-Ha moments! I Re-Membered! It was as if I was right there in the Garden! And I heard a Laugh, right there on my Walk:

"My Love, of course you Remember! You were there! You see all Women throughout time and all Women Present and All Women in the Future were there! It is in Our DNA! We were not the betrayers of the Trust of God that ended up getting us thrown out of the Garden. You see, we were never asked to leave the Garden. We are still in the Garden. And yet as time progressed and the Patriarchal Story took hold, people began to forget that the Garden is ours to tend and following the Patriarchal Story of Power and Control we began to Use and Abuse what was given to all as a Gift! Love and Truth were replaced with Hate and Lies! We did not bring "Sin" into the World. It came as a manifestation of a Story that encourages the use of Power and Control for one's own agenda. And Goddess Grieves!

So, please be my Voice! Be the Voice of the Goddess! Tell MyStory in the correct way! Speak up for Me and in turn you will be speaking up for Goddess and for all Creation; both male and female, rocks and mountains, clouds and water and all animals that swim, fly or walk!

Or Slither.... like my best friend Serpent. She was given a very bad rap in this old story found in Genesis. In that Story, Eve, Adam and the Serpent were all punished for being ready to be Transformed, to be Enlightened and to be Empowered to carry on the Creation that Goddess began out of Love and Truth!

Tell my Story dear Sisters and Brothers! Speak it loud and clear! And Love like you Know that you too Embody all that is the Divine!"

So that my friends is what Eve had to tell me! And so, I am speaking HerStory which is MyStory and is YourStory! Speak it with Love and Truth!

Blessed be!