Sunday, September 8, 2013

There are no more Tears to Cry!

Walking to the Lake has become a way for me to Renew and to Drink in the Energy of the Earth. Not only does the Lake Nourish my very Soul, but the Trees ground me as I walk through Their World. When I moved here 4 years ago, I was drawn to one tree in particular and She became my Grandmother Tree.

She stood tall and proud just at the bend in the path to the Lake. She shed Her leaves in the Fall and adorned Herself with Leaves in the Spring! She would get a hug from me everytime I walked to the Lake; I told her my sad and happy times and when I felt I would be Lost forever She Grounded me to my Path. I took offerings to her and told her stories and would hold on to her when my life was falling apart. I danced around her in happiness and she whispered Her Secrets to me!

We were bonded and I adored Grandmother Tree.

Yesterday, I took a walk to the Lake and hugged her for what would be the last time. I did not know it, but it was. I had been so busy the past two weeks that I hadn't taken my walk and so I couldn't wait to hug Grandmother Tree. I told her how sorry I was for not visiting and that I missed her so much and how much she meant to me.

Today, I got a huge surprise. Sometime yesterday, She had been cut down!

I literally couldn't breathe.

You see, the apartment complex where I live has the beautiful place on the Lake and there had been so much vandalism that they decided to put in lamp posts and do some major overhauling of the area so people could use this during the evenings and hopefully prevent future vandalism. What they have done is really nice, but I did not expect they would have to cut down so many trees.

When I could finally walk, I went to her and told her how sorry I was and how much I would miss her. I thanked her for all she had been to me and promised that I would never forget her! I did a video and I took pictures. I also asked if I could have a piece of her bark which was laying beside her.

I took the piece and brought it home with me.

While I was walking home, I thought about my reaction to this very sad happening. What I realized is that I didn't Cry. What dawned on me was that I had No More Tears To Cry.

I have cried over so many happenings in my life. I have cried over not only my own life, but the lives of others. I have cried over the devastation of the forests and oceans. I have cried over the extermination of the Wolves and Buffalo and other animals. I have sobbed over wars, misogynist comments and the abuse of women and children. I have cried enough Tears for one Lifetime and yes, I realized that I have No More Tears To Cry.

It is not that I no longer feel strongly, it is more that I don't have the Energy to go to that Place of Deep overwhelming Sadness. I have been Drained as the Disappointments keep coming day after day!

A friend on facebook posted this under my video: " awww Im so sorry that something that means so much to you has been taken from you. But as she may have been taken from your view please be reassured that they can never remove her roots that run deep below the surface. She will feel your footsteps as you walk with her xxx"

These are comforting words for sure! And isn't this like when we lose anyone we love: I may not be able to hug Her but when I take my Walk I can sit on her roots and pull up her grounding energy. It is the memory that I will hold in my heart. And I will ask her to introduce me to my new Grandmother Tree in the near future! 

It is amazing to me how much I depended on Grandmother Tree and how we forget that Nature is there to join us on our Journey. We forget that it isn't just humans and animals who can ground us, love us, and teach us! 

Aho, Grandmother Tree! Aho and much love! 

Blessed be!