Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sister Sun Slept

Once Upon a Time Sister Sun Overslept.

It's hard Rising and Setting every day. It's rough Climbing high in the Sky pouring Energy out to all the Planets.

Earth is the most Demanding of all the Children of the Sun.

The Plants need Her to Grow. People need Her Vitamin D and that great Summer Tan.

Even the Rain requires that She cause Evaporation so the Cycle can be complete.

So one day, Sister Sun Overslept!

She really didn't mean to! She knows Her Importance. But doesn't a Gal get to Sleep In every now and then?

What's the worse that can happen?

So Once a Time, She did just that! She hit the Snooze button, Rolled over, and Covered Her head with Her Quilt!

The Birds stayed Silent, confused by it all!

Morning Glories stayed closed.

And Grandmother Moon didn't know if She was to keep Moving or Not?

Once Upon a Time, Sister Sun Overslept.

Her Children became restless. They didn't know what to do. They had Things to do and the Sun Sleeping was most inconvenient.

So they Screamed and Yelled and Stomped their Feet. Her Children threw one big Temper Tantrum.

So much for Oversleeping!

Single Threads of Gold

Single Threads of Gold poured from the crevices of Her Heart.

Never had She felt so Complete and Happy!

He had come into Her Life!

Right there Sitting in the Lifeguard Chair was her Adonis. Her God!

They Met, they Dated, they held Tightly to each other as they Floated after hours, in the cool Waters of the Swimming Pool.

There in the Lifeguard Chair sat Her God, her Lover, her One!

She was so sure he was the One, she didn't notice the first Tugs on the Golden Threads cascading from her Heart!

The Journey became less about Love and Play and Floating Together. The Journey became all about the Golden Threads. The Journey became all about Adonis using the Golden Threads to Control and eventually Strangle this Woman who had Fallen desperately in Love with The Man in the Lifeguard Chair.

Sometimes we Choose the Lifeguard, convinced he will save us from Ourselves.

Sometimes we Confuse Love and Control and let Another use our Golden Threads to Silence our Voice.

Once Upon a Time, she Gathered the few Remaining Threads not Bound around her Throat and Walked Away from the God of the Lifeguard Chair.

Slowly, the Golden Threads Unwound and once again Flowed gently from her Heart.

She Sang the Song of Guarding Her Golden Threads!

Once Upon a Time......

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Ruby Slippers

She Promised that the Ruby Red Slippers would take her Home. "Click three times" said the Fairy Goddess Mother.

The Woman stood still.

"Click your Shoes so You can Return Home." Fairy Goddess Mother insisted.

But what if I don't Want to go Home, she thought?

What if the Colorless World awaiting me is not one that I Want?

"But you Have to Go Home!" said the Fairy Goddess Mother. "You Must! You have no Choice!"

"I have NO CHOICE?" the Woman said. "Really? Don't you see: I CAN CHOOSE NOT to click my Ruby Red Slippers! I HAVE CHOICE!"

Fairy Goddess Mother was dumbfounded.

"But people are Waiting for you! People Depend on you, Need you, have Expectations of you! You MUST GO HOME!"

The Woman thought about it and

Gently reached Down and Removed her Red Ruby Slippers.

"No Thank You! I Choose Not to go Home."

"I Need Me! I Want Me!"

"I have been Waiting for Me!"

And so, the Fairy Goddess Mother, took the Red Ruby Slippers.

The Woman turned and put one Bare Foot in front of the other. Each Foot taking a Step was a Choice in and of Itself!

Fairy Goddess Mother smiled!

The Invisible Woman

She sat at her window seat Once Upon a Time.

This Window Seat had become the Lens she looked through into a World passing her by.

No one stopped to Wave.

No one paused to Smile.

No one noticed her sitting at her Window Seat.

And yet she sat Waiting.

Waiting for someone to Notice her.

This, The Invisible Woman!

No one Noticed her in Elementary school when she fell off the Teeter Totter.

They Laughed.

No one noticed her in college as she lay on the couch Sobbing after being raped by three fraternity brothers.

No one noticed her as she tried to hide the Bruises graciously awarded her for Burning the morning Toast.

No one noticed her when she was left for Dead by the man who promised to love her, 'til death does us part.'

This The Invisible Woman!

At her Window Seat, she Gazes through the Lens of Hope and Survival.

This, the Invisible Woman, sits at her Window Seat, Gazing at the World.

Waiting to be Noticed.