Saturday, April 4, 2015

Full Moon Lessons at 4am!

She woke me up at 4am on this Saturday in April.
She called my name and I could not go back to sleep.
So I got up, fixed a cup of tea and went out on the balcony of my brother's house I have been at all week. Taz and Roxy sat with me.

We soaked up Her energy and then I had one of those epiphanies that can only come when the night is embracing you. It is one of those epiphanies that can only come when Grandmother Moon is in her Fullness.

This is the Epiphany.

The Moon is the only Creation that does not have the ability to HURT anything.

The Sun will burn our skin and we develop skin cancer.
The Water will drown us.
The Wind will blow down houses and cause creation to die.
The Lightning will cause forest fires and creation dies.

But the Moon....She will never ever hurt any of creation.
The Moon....She is predictable....She comes every night and moves across the sky in her Waning and Waxing Times. She is pure and simple.....She is powerful and magnificent. She moves the oceans and She moves the menstrual cycles of Women. 

She is Female.

And She hurts nothing!

And I began to Sob!
I am tired of being hurt. I am tired of seeing others hurt. I am tired.
And there She was. Just for ME!

People are the smartest animals on this planet and yet they are the Cruelest.
They intentionally and unintentionally hurt the ones they love, they hurt the earth, animals  and the ones they see as different from them.

They are violent and cruel and they embrace all of this within patriarchal religions that reinforce their power and control; reinforce their right to discriminate, to hate and to destroy and rape.

But the Moon!

No wonder Witches do everything we can to Draw Down Her Energy! No wonder we Spend time dancing under Her; talking about Her, Drumming to Her and Loving and Learning from Her.

I was sobbing and the dogs were paying me no mind as they too were looking into Her Glory.

I am Moon Woman! She is my Family! She is my Rock and my Security!

I am 62 and don't expect to see Humanity to change in this Lifetime. I tried. Goddess knows I tried and now I will gather Moon Energy and embrace it into my Own being and send it out into the Universe; kinda like ET did the airwaves. Hoping beyond hope that I might just contact someone else who will turn and look at this Glorious Message of Love and Light!

She Does Not have the Ability to Hurt!
So Mote it Be for us all!

Blessed be!