Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Listening to Our Own Divine Female Voice! Surprises await!

I have a story I want to share. This is a story about Listening to Goddess! Listening to our Inner Voice! Listening and then following even if it doesn't make a bit of sense and if you think it is for one reason when in reality it is for Goddess-reason! This is not a story about me or what I did. It is about what happens when we Listen and follow!

I work for a very unpleasant woman. She is a controlling, micro-manager who seems to have a mean streak in her. Well, last Monday, I took the brunt of the "mean streak" and I was pissed as hell when I got off work. I knew that her mother was in hospice in many states away, but she was her usual demeaning self and so I couldn't even use that as an excuse. Yep, quitting work crossed my mind once again.

Well, during the night I woke to go to the bathroom and this woman was on my mind. Great, I thought, I can't even sleep without her showing up! 

As I opened my eyes with the morning light, who was on my mind, but this woman. But now I had a calm about me and I kept hearing.... take her flowers today! Oh sure I argued with myself! She doesn't like when people do nice things for her and why should I do that...she is not nice to me. Well, I must say, I could not keep this thought out of my mind. 

On the way to work, I stopped by the grocery store, and found myself buying a bouquet of flowers and before I left home, I copied the previous blog post about Letting Go to give to her. 

Let me confess, I told my sister on the ride into work that I was going to "try and kill her with kindness". I was not going to let her steal my joy or make me quit my job. I knew her mom was terminal and she was having a hard time. I would show her what kindness looked like. So there! Gotta love when your inner two year old shows up!

I walked into her office with the flowers and the blog post. She was surprised, smiled at me and gave me a hug. Yep.... a hug! Later she sent me an email thanking me for the flowers and said the Letting Go writing touched her deeply and she needed it so much right now. 

Fast forward to yesterday. Her boss came to my office to make sure I was going to be working next week as "she" was going to be out of town on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I said, "Is she going to see her mom for Christmas." "No," he said, "her mom died last Monday. They are having the funeral next week." 

Last Monday..... the day of her being mean to me and a whole bunch of other people. She nor her boss told anyone her mom had died. In fact yesterday was the first anyone of us had heard of this.

Do you see where this is going? 

Today, I stopped in her office and this is what I said, "I am sorry I didn't know your mom died." She said, "You didn't? Then why the flowers or the note last Tuesday? I thought maybe your brother (who owns the company) told you." So I told her how I couldn't get her off my mind and my inner heart voice told me to get her flowers. (I didn't tell her what I thought the reason was, you know... killing her with kindness!)

She began to tear up as I told her that none of us knew her mom had died, and that we didn't want her to think that we didn't care since no one had said anything to her. We spent some time talking about grief and loss, etc. I left her office and really thought long and hard about this situation.

At age 63, I can promise you that I have had a lot of Divine Appointments just by listening to Goddess speaking through my own Inner Female Voice. I can envision Her laughing at me, as I reluctantly went to the store and had my own warped agenda for getting flowers for a woman who had been so mean to me just the day before. Goddess then Unveils Her Plan and it reminds me that I really am Her Vessel. She flowed right through me last Tuesday and today. 

Now, do I think all this will change this woman. Probably not! But we both had lessons to learn. I was reminded that Love and Kindness is always the Plan of Goddess. And She will even take my worst excuse for being nice and turn it into a magickal moment! 

Listening and Responding is the Greatest Gift we can give ourselves, others and most certainly Goddess! 

Be mindful! Be aware! Be Blessed!