Sunday, November 20, 2016

Wear the World like a Loose Garment!

I have never ever liked tight clothing and I still don't.

I feel smothered and restrained and if it is two things I despise they are not being able to Breathe and being restrained! Or maybe you haven't noticed!

So today as I was listening to a recording, the woman said these words that were really not the point of the teaching but made everything else she said disappear from my thought processes. I guess I will have to go back and listen to that recording again sometime.

She said, "We are to wear the world like a loose garment!"

What would it look like, I wonder, if we all wore the world like a loose garment. You know a garment that only touches us in certain places... those places we desire them to touch. Yes, we want pants to fit around our waist so they don't fall off, but does that mean we pull the belt so tight that we can hardly breathe? And is that about not wanting the pants to fall off or is there another meaning to be gleaned there?

Yes we want our shirts to hold on to our shoulders so they won't fall away either, but what happens when that strap has to be so tight that it causes a mark on our shoulder? Or how about the shoes we wear that hurt our feet but we wear them because they make our legs "sexy"? We could go on and on you see!

Most of us take personally, what is happening in the world, especially since the last presidential election. So that, no matter who won, we take it personally and the garment of the Election begins to make us so uncomfortable (like those too tight shoes) we become irritable, angry and down right mean!

Our family drama... and yes, that is personal.... begins to strangle us like a scarf tied too tight to keep out the cold.

And we can't breathe.

What would it look like if we Wore the World like a Loose Garment?

I imagine it would make me feel free and light. It would not make the World go away, it would make me less restrained and bothered by that which causes me to be irritable, angry and mean. It would hang on me like my Goddess cloak hung on me during my Croning Ceremony. I could barely feel Her on me and as such I felt Powerful, Empowered, and Authentic to accept the anointing and also then be free to decide what this meant for my ongoing Journey. How would I stand in my Croneship? How would I treat others? How would I live a life standing in my Truth and Wisdom?

If that cloak had been tight, I would have spent more time adjusting and fidgeting and would have been distracted and ultimately irritated and angry. That would have ruined the Journey for me.

So I choose... yes it is a choice.... I choose to wear the world like a loose garment; only touching me where I need and want it to touch me. Notice, this does not mean I choose not wear the world at all. Oh my goddess.... that is not possible and most certainly not wise. The point is I will choose how it touches me and hangs on me. I want the world to hang on me in the same Divine Fashion that the Goddess Cloak hangs on me. 

I choose to Wear the World in a way that gives me pause to Breathe and Reflect so I can make decisions from a Divinely inspired place and not a place of irritation, anger and meanness!

I want the World Garment to touch me in my Heart and Soul for those who are marginalized, hungry, abused, neglected, discriminated against, and for women's right to choose. For others, they will choose for the Garment to touch them in different places. But for all of us, the garment that hangs loosely allows space to Breathe, to Speak, to Listen, to Pause, and to Act!

What pieces of clothing need adjusting in your life? Is there a way you can loosen the belt, scarf or buy a different pair of shoes?

A loose garment allows me to flow through the tough times, allows me to twirl in celebration and to spread my "wings" when I need to go into battle!

I choose to Wear the World like a Loose Garment! Want to join me?

Blessed be!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

What happens in the Pause?

For the past few months, I have listened as my Gentle Flow Yogi, Brenda,  reminds us to Pause before taking the next Breath. Just a second or two, but to Pause. It is interesting how just a second or two Pause makes me feel like I am smothering. But yet, today, I finally GOT IT!

Today, I sat in the Pause.

Today, only for the second or two there, I soaked in the Quiet, the Stillness, the.... Pause!

The Pause from thinking about the next breath!

The Pause from thinking about the next Pose or the next Thought!


In this fast paced life we now Journey through, there are seldom Pauses! We rush from one thought to the other, one thing to the other, one person, event, relationship to the other.

And we wonder why we are always Tired.

Now, I won't be intentionally Pausing between Breaths as I go through my day, but this is what I gleaned this morning.

It is important to Pause between the things on our list, the thoughts going through our head and even the channels as we cruise through the remote!

If we would, I do believe we would find ourselves in a much different place. A place of Quiet and Stillness and even Void!

A lot happens in those 1-2 seconds. I did not suffocate. I did not panic or even die.

What I did do was experience the Divine in a new way and in a new place..... INSIDE ME!

That is where the Pause exists!

Come with me and find the Pause! As you are rushing through your day, intentionally Pause before getting out of the car at your next stop. Pause before answering the phone or sending the text. Pause before selecting your words during a confrontation or even a moment of tenderness.

Pause so you don't miss the Rainbow, the cloud formation or what Moon Phase is shining in the nighttime sky! Pause to actually taste the coffee or the sandwich you are swallowing whole to get to the next appointment.

Pause to give thanks! Pause to give or receive a compliment! Pause to laugh and pause to cry!

Just Pause!

You will be glad you did!

Blessed be!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I walked with the Suffragettes!

I have been able to vote since I was 18 years old. I have never taken it for granted. Every time I vote I say thank you to all those brave warrior women we call Suffragettes who made it possible for me to make a decision and cast my vote.

This morning was different tho'. Luckily, I do not have to drive to my polling place. It is held in a small church on the main road right at the entrance to my apartment complex.

So, I got up early, bundled up as it was 37 degrees outside, chose one of my Goddess figurines from
Brigids Grove ( and began my walk. Maybe it is because the Veil is still thin from Samhain, but whatever.... all of a sudden, I was with the Suffragettes! They were all around me... marching to the Polling Center. I stood tall and regal and walked slowly breathing in all that happened prior to the 1920 ratification of the 19th amendment and afterwards! Breathing in those Women who were put in prison, who were beaten and abused, who were demeaned and lost family support. Breathing in the brilliant choices of those such as Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

I walked with my head held high this morning with the Spirit of all those women who made it possible for me to vote in this country.

But today was different in another way. I was voting for a Woman to be President of the United States of America.

There are many who have accused me of voting for Hillary Clinton JUST BECAUSE she is a woman. Well, yes, her being a Woman is incredible, but let it be said, when Sarah Palin was running as Vice President, I did not hop on her bandwagon JUST BECAUSE she was a woman. There was no way, I would vote for anyone like her, woman or not... thus why I am not voting for Donald Trump.

I have "followed" Hillary Clinton since the early 80's. I respected her Voice for Women and Children, for her Activism and for her political decisions. I was thrilled when she became First Lady and then Secretary of State and Senator. She is an intelligent, compassionate, forward thinking, political savvy woman!

Does she still have one foot in the Patriarchal Mind Set? Yes! But you cannot get things done without understanding the abuses of power and control, the misogynistic, bigoted mind set, and you cannot understand how to "work the system" if you are not first a part of it in some way. It is women like Susan B Anthony who "worked the system" to finally achieve something she did not live to be able to take part in. She died before the ratification, but had left other women to continue the fight and finally win.

Hillary Clinton has to swim in those waters so her voice will be heard. This is the way changes will happen, with a Woman at the helm.

But she cannot and will not be able to do it alone. She will have a hard road ahead of her, as did President Obama, but she also has a shit load of Women surrounding her.

Like Susan B Anthony, who did hard work, suffered for it, and raised the awareness of other Women to continue the fight! We must continue this work. We cannot be Silent when the Election is over!

So, there I was surrounded by men and women (some with their children just like I use to do), all ages, races and stories. There I was surrounded by people in work clothes, some like me in my walking clothes and some in their Sports shirts. There were many holding coffee cups and lots on their phones. And yet, for me.... I was surrounded by All the Women who came before me so I could be standing in that line...knowing who I would be voting for and not worrying about who anyone else was voting for.

It was just me, Goddess and the Suffragettes. 

And I voted with Goddess in my hand! I voted with a smile on my face! And as I walked home I cried!

I voted!!!! It is a good day!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Name change update!

This Black Moon has been powerful for me. It is bringing change and transformation. I am feeling it in my Deep Soul work.

Of course, having Aquarius Rising Sun does not help! I tend to become restless when I am not being challenged or finding my Present stimulating and challenging. I travel the past and the future very well, but have a hard time staying in the Present.

That being said! I am ready to begin the process of legally changing my name as I wrote in my last blog post. BUT, will sit with it until the first of the year! (If I can stand it!)

I am blessed with a most insightful and intelligent daughter. She called me last night after she finished work (11:30pm) and we talked until the wee hours of the morning about many things, but mainly my desire to change my name.

She asked questions that made me really think about why this has become important to me and then made a most amazing suggestion.

It concerned her that I was going to just be Angelique Autumn. She really felt like there needed to be a "last name." She had listened to the story I talked about in the last blog post.

This is what she said: "Mom, you keep talking about that you wish Grandma had used the name McGowan too in your name. That sounds very Celtic and also quite pagan. What do you think of Angelique Autumn McGowan!"

I was stopped in my tracks.

That was it! That was the missing piece!

So, I went to my ancestry chart to make sure I was spelling McGowan right as Stephanie began researching meanings, family crests, etc.

Now, there are 2 Rebecca's in my ancestor tree. I thought the maternal Rebecca was indeed the McGowan. NOPE.... my maternal Grandfather's mother is Rebecca McGowan. Her father is Daniel who came directly from Ireland.

I took pause as I am sure you can see where I immediately went: oh crap.... this is from my mom's paternal tree, but then realized that the name is still from the maternal side of the lake! whew! haha!

Stephanie and I had a blast reading about the family crests and coat of arms. The name derives from "son of the blacksmith". The crest has the Lion and the Boar (both in my animal pantheon). The meanings of the symbols on the crest are full of community, peace and protection messages.

So there you have it: one day I will indeed bear the name:

Angelique Autumn McGowan

Yep, me and the Witch Angelique do look a lot alike! 
I think it is time! 

Peace out! 


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Changing my name legally and the interesting thoughts insuing!

I want to legally change my name!

It has been heavy on my heart of late and has been for quite awhile.

Of course, I have changed my last name twice! I couldn't wait to get married so I could change my last name. It still makes me laugh, because I was a feminist even then, who never wanted to take the last name of my husband, but I wanted to get so far away from my maiden name that I was willing to do so.

Then when I got divorced, I couldn't wait to get rid of the married name and took back my maiden name. Upon telling the ex to expect the name change in the divorce papers I was filing, he said, "Good, my last name is too good for you!" Whatever asshole!

This week, I began looking into the legal process of changing my entire name.
I then reacquainted myself with everything I would have to do to change my name on all the legal paperwork; birth certificate, social security, credit cards, medical, etc. What I wasn't prepared for was the next thoughts:

1. This would upset my parents cause they put a lot of thought into naming me. (well really, my mom wanted to name me Angelique Rebecca, but dad said NO, and as a result I was named after Debra Padgett, the actress, along with a million other 1952 girls!)
2. Do I just let those who have known me as Debbie my whole life continue to call me that or do I insist they call me by my new name?
3. Will this cause issues in my parent's will?
4. Why do I care?

Why do I care? Why do I care what  my name is? Does it define me? Am I really that pissed at my family of origin that I want to rid myself of the name given to me at birth?

My  mother wanted to name me Angelique. I did not know this until I wanted to name my daughter Angelique and the husband/father would not allow it. The interesting thing is: the first time I ever heard this name was in Dark Shadows! I was totally enthralled with the Witch Angelique and dreamed of being her, having her name,  and her powers! To this day, she "haunts" me with those beautiful eyes! I was already wearing my eye make up like hers before this show even came on!

During a Reike session in Virginia, without knowing all this name history stuff, the master said, "Your higher spirit was present today, she hovered over your Crown Chakra. Does the name Angelique mean anything to you?" I was astounded and told her the Story!

I want to legally change my name:

I want to legally change my name to Angelique Autumn!

I guess for legal purposes it would be Angelique as my first name and Autumn as my last. I do not want to be Angelique Autumn Hillman!

I want my own name that I think I was always meant to have. Sunshine Fae is my witchy name and it describes me to a tee, but there is something that calls to me in a Deep Soul way, saying Angelique Autumn is MY name. It is the name I should have had all along!

So, that is my current dilemma.

The next chapter to be written sooner than later!

Blessed be!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Peaceful Dragon

I have been in a time of Deep Soul Work of late. As I look back over my life journey, I seem to do this work as Mabon approaches. This time has been life altering and revealing in a most significant way. The revelations will have to wait as they are still bubbling away in the Cauldron, but I do want to share my experience from last night.

I have decided that it is time for me to take Tai Chi and/or Yoga. I am finding it so difficult to center and as I age I want to regain the flexibility I have lost. I often drive by a place called: The Peaceful Dragon and decided to call them yesterday. The woman I spoke with told me they offer Tai Chi, Yoga and the Martial Arts. Their classes are based on Ancient Oriental spirituality and technique. She set me up for a tour and a free class last night.

Here is my experience.

The building is set on 12 acres of wooded land and has an outside sense of peace and tranquility; flowing waterfall into a beautiful pond with Koi and water lilies. As I opened the large door a sign said: "Welcome to The Peaceful Dragon Deb Hillman!" There was green tea beside a wooden bench in front of the front desk. A huge Buddha sat beside the bench along with beautiful Oriental ornamental wall hangings, etc.

Peaceful dragon it was not!

A kid's Kung Fu class was going on in the large room and many parents were sitting and standing talking loudly. A man approached me and begin talking about the Libertarian Candidate and how horrible Hillary is and how he will vote for Trump. I quietly walked away.

I passed a room with a large sign saying "LEAVE SWORDS OUTSIDE!"

Finally, George, one of the instructors, took me into a very small room and began the "interview" process. They hand select who can come into this school.We talked about why I want Tai Chi and Yoga  and my past and present experiences with martial arts. I did a lot of listening as he did A LOT of talking about the Chinese philosophy of preparing for battle. He gave me history and rationale for why it is important for us to be "prepared". I kept thinking, "wait... I wanted to learn to center and be flexible".

With all this being said, the free class I was taking, was George showing me two Tai Chi poses and having me do them a few times. He then told me that I would take 2 Tai Chi classes a week and could take up to 4 Yoga classes for the cost of $200 a month for 1 year. I had to sign a year contract which had no way to get out of it, as this is a school. There is required clothing and also periodic tests to see if I could advance to the next level.

Holy shit.... All I wanted to do was run out! There was no sense of peaceful anything. There was only the Patriarch Mind Set of Battle, Testing, and lots of money. The noise in the facility was incredible.

I guess I just have a different idea of someplace called Peaceful Dragon. This is a wonderful place I am sure and the classes may be in fact peaceful when they aren't throwing swords, etc. But it is not for me.

So, I stopped by the local YMCA and got a free week to try their yoga classes. Then I will get a Tai Chi DVD and watch it on my new Smart TV.

As I was reflecting on the "dad" approaching me to trash Hilary, I began to laugh: oh what a sense of humor the Universe has! Ok, so I get it... I am not suppose to be here, but really???? I didn't even have  my I hate Trump shirt on! I didn't wear my Fuck Patriarchy Tank Top! It was just me and my simple shorts and top!

Peaceful Dragon..... what ever! maybe there isn't any such thing!

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Flag, Anthem and other Reflections!

For those who follow me and know me, you are aware that this is an eclectic blog. One time, I will pen a post about a beautiful Goddess, another time I will talk about my past and then other times I will be angry and opinionated. Oh wait... I am ALWAYS opinionated!

It is what I love about blogging.

This blog will not be a welcome read for many I am sure and I almost didn't write it. But when something won't leave me alone, I pay attention in my old age!

I am a 60's kid! I marched against the Establishment, for civil rights, and battled with Religion. It is in my blood to speak to that which touches my heart and stirs my soul. No where did a Flag or an anthem cause me to do so. I rallied behind the idea that all should be treated equally and fairly. I did so in peaceful protest, never violent ones.

In 1968 the world was appalled when American Olympic metal winners, held up their fists to silently declare: "This was a way of saying, at the end of the 1960s ... that the African-Americans had had enough of domestic racism and that here was an opportunity to express their feelings about that.”

The world did not end and racism did not stop, but more dialogue about racism began. This country then moved on to something else.

Lately, an NFL football player did not stand for the National Anthem. It became a national issue, with people threatening to kill him, to stop supporting the NFL, and to bash anyone who in this Democracy DARES to demonstrate in any way, much less in a Silent protest on National TV. What I heard was, "hey, he should be thankful to live in a Democracy where he can make millions of dollars, and live in a nice house. How can he do that? He needs to respect the anthem and flag cause lots of people died to make this country where he can have all these privileges."Yep... Democracy at it's best, right? You are not allowed to have a silent protest cause it means you are dissing America. If you believe this then you don't understand Democracy.

Here is where I stand on the issue of Flags, Anthems, and yearly remembrances of violence, torture and war.

I am happy to be an American. On most days, I am thankful and proud to live in this country. I am grateful for all the opportunities I have been given and long for those yet to be achieved (ERA, civil rights, etc).

That being said, I do not stand for the anthem and I do not pledge allegiance to a Flag. I do not pledge allegiance to anything but caring for my neighbor and being a Voice for those without a Voice.

Definition of allegiance: loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause.

A flag for any country is just a piece of material that has been designed as a symbol for said country. It is mostly a piece of material to separate and divide, to rally the forces, and to hang at half mast for those deemed worthy of such an act. What is has become is a god!

The anthem speaks of war and is another example of stirring up the masses to remember how "we" beat up others in order to have democracy. 

Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watch'd, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there.
O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

In the 60's and 70's I was adamantly against and still am ALL wars as a way to solve issues. If women had been drafted at that time, I would have burned my draft card and either gone to jail or would have moved to Canada. I still feel this way at age 64. The anthem and flag are symbols of war.

It is why on my facebook posts there will be no "remembrances" of Pearl Harbor, the Vietnam War, Afghanistan, Iraq and even 9/11. What I will do is at my Goddess Altar will hold sadness for lives lost in senseless demonstrations of the patriarchal mindset of violence as the answer to problems with another. Why do we love to bring back to memory such things?

It astounds me that when the President wants to make peace with a leader from another country, the people here in the US, are outraged (i.e. Cuba of recent). If the decision is to pull troops out of another country is made, threats begin to pour forth from the mouths of those who have not and never will have to go into such wars. If the announcement is we are going to war, people put flags on their houses and cars and wave them as we go to kill other human beings and then get pissed at the numbers of OUR people killed and rally around the numbers of how many people we have killed. And then.... we celebrate if we win cause it was all in the name of Democracy!

My not standing for the anthem or the flag, is NOT a form of protest. I wouldn't stand if a Santa flag was brought into a football game. I don't stand when Who let the Dogs out is played at a basketball game. So why would I stand when a political flag or song is sung? I respect people who decide to use that as a form of protest, tho! This is America, this is a Democracy.... the Anthem tells us so. 

I would also not stand if President Obama (who I respect totally as the leader of this country) or Queen Elizabeth (who I admire and respect as a woman in power) would walk into a room. I do not see that as a sign of disrespect, I see it as whether I would stand if anyone would enter a room. 

It is all smoke and mirrors of power and control. The Flag and the Anthem, just like many Christian hymns are meant to insight not peace, but pitting one against another. Not love but through the use of violence demonstrating who is the bigger bully, and in that way rejoicing over making others "be like us, believe like us, live like us and act like us."

What bothers me, is that on the one hand we proclaim that this is a Democracy! We proclaim that others have died in war so we can enjoy the privileges of living is such a place were we can indeed speak freely. But this is ONLY if it is what we believe is true, what we believe is right and just. And for me that is NOT democracy! That is power and control. And I protest anything that reeks of power and control. I believe in protest, but Never Violent protest even if it is what I believe in.

So, the Black Panthers... peaceful, silent protest!
So, the NFL player...peaceful, silent protest!

Isn't that what America is about? I mean really.... we had to kill a shit load of people and have a shit load of our own people killed just so we could then bash someone who is actually taking this Democracy stuff to heart!

It blows my mind!

Peace out! 




Thursday, September 8, 2016


This is how the most Ancient Texts speak of Persephone. Queen of the Underworld. Alone on the Throne, not standing or sitting beside Hades. 

In Goddess Times, there was no King of Hades! There was only most lovely and powerful Persephone, Maiden of the Triple Goddess! Daughter of Demeter! Granddaughter of Hekate! 

Persephone came to me during my meditations this week to tell me exactly this. But She had more to reveal! 

The Ancient HerStory tells us that Persephone did indeed spend 6 months with the Dead and 6 months with the Living. She tended the Dead in the Underworld with Love and Compassion, Understanding and Protection. She appointed those who would help Souls arrive upon Death and appointed those who would help Souls move on to their final destination or to their next Life in Gaia's Garden. 

Then when it was Time, Persephone left them in charge and She journeyed to Gaia's Garden where She meets Her Mother for the Time of Planting and Birthing. 

Persephone then dances in the Garden, planting seeds, calling the leaves to sprout and the flowers to bloom. She continued to do this while Her Mother, Demeter, birthed! 

Then when it was Time, Hekate, walked back to the Underworld Entrance with Persephone, and they said their good-byes. With this, the Garden Rested! And Darkness fell over the Garden not as a Time of Sadness, but as a Time of Rest, Renewal and Fallowness. 

Perfection and Balance! 

But then the patriarchal religions began to permeate Gaia's Garden and with it came the need to destroy the Goddess and Her Power. The Ancient HerStories were altered bringing with it violence, hate and power and control.

No longer was there balance! Now the Underworld had a King who arrived into the Garden and kidnapped the Maiden Persephone, and raped Her, making Her his own! Of course, Demeter was distraught and as punishment (also a patriarchal idea) brought "winter" to the Garden and everyone and everything suffered. 

But alas, good ol' boy Hades did in fact make a deal (power and control) and "allowed" Persephone to spend 6 months with Her Mama and Grandmother. The very act of Hades "allowing" his wife to visit the Garden was what made everyone and everything happy! Not Persephone! 

As such, Balance was not restored and the story became all about Power and Control/Grief and Loss, and less about the Way of the Goddess and Her beautiful Plan! 

During my Journey with Persephone, She then told me this:
"I, Persephone, embody both the Dark and the Light, just as we all do."

Persephone showed me that as the Maiden of the Triple Goddess, She is the Caretaker of the Springs and Winters of our Lives. She is both the Dark Moon and the New Moon. She is the Sun Rising and the Sun Setting. She is the Beginning and the End.

Persephone’s Story is one of Fertility and Death. This makes Her very unique in the Triple Goddess archetype.

Most important, She told me, is that She does this by Her own Free Will. 

From this, all Womyn must re-member that we all have this Free Will. It is in re-claiming our Free Will that we will cease to be caught in the Story that is written for Us instead of by Us! 

For the Northern Hemisphere, Persephone is beginning Her Journey with Her Grandmother to the Underworld Entrance. This is a sweet Good-bye; no veil of sadness and grief falls overs the Garden. They both breathe a breath of Completion and Gratitude for the opportunity to let Gaia's Garden rest. 

So much to glean from the way HerStory is meant to be read! 

Let it soak into your very Being and watch as we then learn to rejoice both in the Dark Moon and New Moon Times of our lives. 

And may we honor and adore Persephone as She makes this magickal Journey! 

Blessed be! 



Thursday, July 28, 2016


"There is no Greater Good, only Good, however small the Good!"

Funny, how while watching a TV show, a profound and life changing statement will give me pause!

"There is no Greater Good, only Good, however small the Good!" said Dr. Theo Yedlin as the decision was made to hand select those going back into the pods. "It is for the Greater Good to only take those who are healthy and breeders." said Jason, the demented leader of the army in Wayward Pines.

This gave me pause.

I took an Ethics class in my graduate program where we struggled with what it means to make decisions based on "The Greater Good." Wars are waged and fought for "the Greater Good!" The Mentally Ill were mass sterilized at one time, "for the Greater Good!" Women were not allowed to vote "for the Greater Good!" LBGT community were not allowed to marry "for the Greater Good!" And I could go on and on and on!

My question in the Ethics course was very simple: "Who gets to decide what defines the Greater Good?" Of course we talked about how it depends on who is in charge of "the big decisions", be it religious leaders, politicians, doctors, judges, etc. There was a head nod to how each of us must make these decisions on a daily basis; as we discussed whether to let totally disabled babies live, whether to quit a job and have to live on food stamps because your boss asks you to falsify records, and such.

It was all framed around The Greater Good. Here is how the dictionary defines the Greater Good: "The benefit of the public, of more people than oneself; that which is better and more correct."

"That which is better or more correct." "The benefit of the public."

What is better or more correct than: THERE IS ONLY GOOD!

 Dr. Yedlin says "There is no Greater Good, only Good, however small the Good."

Dr. Yedlin wanted to make the choices for who would go back into the pods and wake up thousands of years later, by lottery, since all could not go. That would be fair he said. But "for the Greater Good" the leaders only wanted those "perfect people" who could then breed to make more perfect people.

Yes, only a TV show, but I have found this story to really cause me to take ethical pauses, especially in this highly contested election year we are in.

I watched both conventions even tho' I am a Democrat. What I heard from the RNC was how one person would make the decisions for the Greater Good. What I heard from the DNC was how WE collectively as much as possible will make decisions based on THE GOOD!

We have been challenged, just like when JFK ran for office and won, to take care of our neighbor; our Muslim neighbor, our gay neighbor, our black, Asian, white neighbor, our poor and stinky neighbor, our mentally ill neighbor, our single mom who had an abortion neighbor, our pagan and Jewish neighbor.


We have come through a time when it is all about the "I"! We are in a time when the Enemy is everyone who does not look like us, does not believe like us, does not love like us, does not worship, work or dress like us. The Enemy is everyone who is of a different race or nationality or an immigrant.

It's  for the Greater Good I heard during the RNC to be forceful, carry more guns, hate, and eject those NOT LIKE US. And one man, all by himself will be making the decisions for the Greater Good.

NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE GOOD! That is what really gave me pause.

I pray that I never feel like I cannot stretch myself to do Good! Whether that be to fill up a backpack for underprivileged children, send a card to someone hurting or celebrating a birthday. Whether that be smiling at everyone I meet even when I am in my own pain. Whether that means "voting my conscience" and being proud to live in a country where I can do that. Whether it means leaving my pentacle at home on the day I helped my elderly mom serve lunch to her church ladies because I knew she was scared to death they would find out I was pagan and not Christian.

Whether that means praying for others, lighting candles for the sick, those morning and the world. Whether that means caring for animals and the earth by doing all I can in my own little piece of the forest. 

Once upon a time, in my younger days, I truly felt it was all up to me to save all the children throughout the world. I convinced myself that without me, things would fall apart in my family of origin, my marriage family and my job and church.

One day, I was in a true panic attack over it all and I heard Goddess say to me:


That is The Good!
That is The Right!

To be kind, caring, compassionate, positive, giving, thankful, at peace, loving, faithful, and accepting of others to do their part in the unique way they are asked to fit into the puzzle.

In the end, Dr. Yedlin, only got his wish by sneaking in a gay boy and his quirky probably mentally ill receptionist. But I can promise you, all those in the pods waiting for the next time in Wayward Pines are not Pure, Perfect People. But someone, the"I" made the decision, all alone as to who would help the Greater Good!

We must all be intentional about doing Good, HOWEVER SMALL THE GOOD!

We do this while the crazy, "all about me" world goes on around us. And just maybe our example will spread like the mint in my pots... the plant started in one and now has sent out delicious shoots that have invaded all the other pots in my garden balcony! Ahhhh mint!

Pause. What are you really doing to choose the Good. Where can you discern how decisions made for this Greater Good hurts many others in the process. Will we always succeed? No! Will we make mistakes? Yes! Do we keep trying?  Yes, cause as President Obama said in his DNC speech last night, "That's what happens when you try, mistakes happen." Then Trying leads to Hope in the face of Difficulty. And Hope leads to a better Today and Tomorrow!

Idealistic? I don't think so! I think this is what we are suppose to be doing, and have lost our way. If we take care of the neighbor and the neighbor takes care of us; there is no need to make decisions that ultimately exclude others. Because when Good is only doing for "the good of the public" then the individual faces go out of focus. 

Be the Good, live the Good, demonstrate the Good!

Blessed be!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Grieving is like a Dark Cloak

Grieving is like a dark cloak; both smothering and comforting. For many it will be the first time they find themselves cloaked in a dark and unforgiving world from which they never seem to wake up. For many it is the comfort of a familiar; calling them cloak and heal. And for some it is the Cloak of Fear and and Terror. And yet, at some time, we must all put on this Cloak of Grief. 

I saw it in different forms this morning in the ICU where I volunteer! The Dark Cloak surrounded a Family who sobbed as they stood vigil with the man they loved as he took his last breath. The Dark Cloak surrounded friends who were told that the person they had gone to dinner with just 2 days before, was on life support and would not live. I also saw the Cloak of Grief as a Family Cried, Laughed and praised their God for their loved one was finally out of pain and misery in her death! 

I also watched as a woman donned this Cloak of Grief following the news that her husband would be going home today and she would have to give up her job to be his full time caretaker. She was going to file divorce papers last week when he became critically ill. She now feels responsible to be by his side for an indefinite period of time. 

How long will I feel like this? You will feel like this until you no longer do. Everyone is different; every situation is unique and every cloak is needed for as long as it takes.

Don't be willing to give up the Cloak too quickly. Don't leave it hanging on the rack ignoring the call to put it on! 

Embrace the Cloak, savor the Cloak, live in the Cloak. 

And one day, the Cloak will have tucked itself into a drawer for future use. And you will breathe knowing that it will not be the last time you will need the Cloak, but you will rest knowing that the Cloak did not smother you, strangle you or kill you. The Cloak was your Dark Necessary Companion. 

Blessed be! 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Where did you see Goddess today?

In 2004, my cousin took me to Iceland. It was a trip that changed many things in my life. At the time I was still an entrenched Christian. I was the Worship Team leader of the contemporary band, wrote daily devotions, set the altar, etc and yet, I battled every day in my heart, mind and soul to get out of that suffocating religion.

I found one of my devotions I wrote after my trip to Iceland. It was filled with "God created this and God created that;"and "he" language all through the devotional. I tried so hard to sneak in that "she" language in, but of course, I wasn't quite brave enough yet. In fact, when I finally did, I was told I was not allowed to, and thus began my exit from that religion.

But this is not what my blog is about today!

This is what my blog post is about:

 I took this picture while standing on the Lava Field in Iceland. It takes 400 years for any growth to begin on the Lava Field. This, my friends, is the Glacier Waters flowing through the field and actually through and not over the Lava.

Water flowing THROUGH Lava! Ages old Lava at that. Lava that once was a fiery molten liquid itself, then hardened and laid barren for hundreds of years. And slowly, with time, growth began and the Glacier melted and froze over and over until the water channeled its way through the hardened rock.

I have been that hardened lava! I have been that hardened lava, laying barren and cold and desolate. But one day, She awakened me and began to gently flow through me. She found those cracks and crevices cause by lies and betrayals, abuse and control. She found me in my most desolate of times, after I had lived fiery and hot, but then left barren and forgotten! I was hardened and cold and bitter!

Luckily I didn't have to wait 400 years and neither do you! She came fast and furious, just like these glacier waters. She got my attention, filled all the wounded places and set me on my way! She found me in the Lava Field and changed my life!!!!!

Goddess finds us in these places and makes her face known just like in the following picture. What a surprise to see these red flowers growing in the middle of the lava field!

Yep, looks exactly like the menstrual flow of the Goddess! Do you see it? No male God creates!!!!! Hell no!!!!! This is the sign of the Goddess. She nourishes us all the time; when we are conceiving, growing and when we are barren and dry. It is Her Cycle!

I loved Iceland. So much to learn there. So many things took my breath away. It is on my bucket list to return! She calls my name!

Blessed be!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Shallow Water! No Diving Allowed!

When I was 14, the parental unit took us kids to Myrtle Beach. The hotel we stayed in had a salt water pool. I guess I didn't see the sign: Shallow Water! No Diving Allowed" because I dove in off the side of the pool and scraped my front teeth on the bottom. I had a very large overbite at the time, so yes, my teeth were outside my lips. I had closed my eyes due to the salt water.

My two front teeth were scrapped and very jagged which meant I had a swollen bottom lip most of the rest of vacation. When we got home, the dentist filed them down and I went on my merry way!

The treadmill at my apartment gym faces the pool. In front of me every time I walk, is that sign. Now, I no longer go into pools, oceans or lakes to swim...oh not because of the tooth incident...but I don't even own a bathing suit anymore!

Well, for the past few weeks I have been haunted by this sign:


"What say you?" I asked my self.

Ahhh.... finally an answer after all my sweat and daily 5 mile walks.

We, as human beings, tend to be quite Shallow. There are times, I look into the eyes of a Wolf or Bear and think they are Deeper Thinkers than we are.

Only when the Waters are Deep enough, should Diving take place. There is a lot of power contained in Diving. We intentionally, enter the Waters hands and head first; our heads being very vulnerable indeed.

I knew a young man once, who decided to dive into a shallow pool in the ocean. He hit his head on a rock and died.

And yet, we only want to dive into those Shallow places. It seems too daunting, too time consuming to dive Deeper. In the Shallow waters is where we find the hard places, so why would we want to go deeper? If there are dangers there, why in the hell do we want to see what lies Deeper still.

But sweet ones.... that is where the answers are. That is where the darkness shows us beauty and life that is beyond our reckoning. There is were the waters are colder, healing and refreshing.

Yes, we are Shallow people.

Shallow places are where Anger, Hate and Violence reside.
Shallow places are where the scars from abuse, neglect, poverty and judgement reside.
Shallow places are where entitlement lives!
Shallow places are where religious and political leaders abide!

We take the word of who ever is speaking from the pulpit or in front of a microphone at the time; as long as they are speaking from the Shallow Waters. No way are we going to dive into Deeper Waters where the Real Questions and Answers reside! It is in the Deeper Waters where we see through the lies, the betrayal, the power and control. It is there we have to do the hard work, to be able to breathe.

I believe we live in very Shallow Times which means we live in very Dangerous Times.
It is us, who are called to the Deeper Waters, who will find the Divine Voice of Love, Light and Reason.

The Deeper Waters have no place for Anger, Resentment, Killing, Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia, Inequality, Entitlement, Jealously, or Hatred.

I choose to go to the Deeper Waters and when I surface, I choose to Walk in the Truth Found There. And when Thirsty for Truth again, I will Dive, as I only choose to Dive into Deep Waters.

I learned my lesson once... well probably more than once.... yes, I am sure I did... but now, sweet ones, I watch for that Sign of the Goddess:


I invite you to ignore the Shallow Waters and join me in the Deeper Waters.
Truth awaits us! 

Blessed be! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Ahhhhh to be back in the 60's! That is what I have been thinking about of late.

I was so full of hope and faith that this world would be different by the time I got in my 60's. So here I am approaching my 64th birthday and damn.... HOPE was about gone! It seems for every step forward, we take 5 backwards. And now we have a Republican Presidential Candidate who keeps saying "Make America great again." Like America, humanity was Great in the past and not so now?

How about MAKING AMERICA GREAT period! We really don't want to go back, do we????

But yes, of late I have wanted to return to those days in my youth when I actually believed I would see the Age of Aquarius in my life time. You know, the Age of Love, Peace, Partnership, Equality, Peace......

And then it hit me..... The Age of Aquarius lasts 2000 years! And in the 60's was the DAWNING of the Age of Aquarius.

When I began to look at it like that. Then the very small steps we have taken (small in my view), do make sense and seem bigger than I thought.

I have seen the end of Negro bathrooms, Negro water fountains and the right for Blacks to vote and hold office! I HAVE HAD AN AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT FOR 8 YEARS!

I am now seeing a Woman Presidential Candidate who I admire and will hopefully have a Woman President in my lifetime; not just because she is a woman, but she is a competent and intelligent woman.

Roe vs Wade was during my time and women are still legally able to get an abortion in this country in spite of the Christian Right influencing the closing of many clinics.

Even tho' the ERA has yet to be ratified, women now hold jobs that were "only for men" as I was growing up.

I can have my own credit, my own loans, my own car, and have access to the same education as a man. I had access to birth control and could have my tube tied without my husband's approval.

The LBGT community have received the right to marry and moving closer to more rights in this country.

These are only a few of the major changes I have seen. Yes indeed, we are not there yet and for every step forward there are too many going backwards, BUT.....

If we look at the Age of Aquarius as 2000 years then damn... I guess "We have come a long way, Baby."

What has changed for me, is that I am handing over the torch to others. I will always be passionate about those issues near and dear to my heart: ALL WOMEN'S ISSUES, mental health access, Death with Dignity, strict gun control, free health care for all, and equality for all (especially for the LBGT community). But I will now assume the role of Crone holding Love and Light for Peace and Wisdom. It does not mean I will stop speaking out. What it means is that I will be speaking from a different place. That being a place of Love/Peace/Hope. That is the only energy I will now be putting out into the Universe.

Yes, I will share my Wisdom where and when I can. Yes, I will support those issues that will help move humanity to a more peaceful and wise place. Yes, I will always believe that the Patriarchal Mind Set must be squelched in order for a return to the Partnership Mind Set; that Mind Set of the Goddess.

I will not see the Age of Aquarius in full action in my Lifetime, but I have now regained the hope that one day it will be so!

Age Of Aquarius Lyrics

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
The Age of Aquarius
Aquarius! Aquarius!

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the minds true liberation

Aquarius, Aquarius

When the moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
The age of Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius
Aquarius, Aquarius

Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in, The sun shine
Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in, The sun shine
Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in, The sun shine
Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in, The sun shine
Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in, The sun shine
Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in, The sun shine
Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in, The sun shine
Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in, The sun shine
Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in, The sun shine
Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in, The sun shine
Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in, The sun shine

(Lyrics found <a href="">here</a>)

Peace out!