Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Ruby Slippers

She Promised that the Ruby Red Slippers would take her Home. "Click three times" said the Fairy Goddess Mother.

The Woman stood still.

"Click your Shoes so You can Return Home." Fairy Goddess Mother insisted.

But what if I don't Want to go Home, she thought?

What if the Colorless World awaiting me is not one that I Want?

"But you Have to Go Home!" said the Fairy Goddess Mother. "You Must! You have no Choice!"

"I have NO CHOICE?" the Woman said. "Really? Don't you see: I CAN CHOOSE NOT to click my Ruby Red Slippers! I HAVE CHOICE!"

Fairy Goddess Mother was dumbfounded.

"But people are Waiting for you! People Depend on you, Need you, have Expectations of you! You MUST GO HOME!"

The Woman thought about it and

Gently reached Down and Removed her Red Ruby Slippers.

"No Thank You! I Choose Not to go Home."

"I Need Me! I Want Me!"

"I have been Waiting for Me!"

And so, the Fairy Goddess Mother, took the Red Ruby Slippers.

The Woman turned and put one Bare Foot in front of the other. Each Foot taking a Step was a Choice in and of Itself!

Fairy Goddess Mother smiled!


  1. I love this beyond words! Thank you!

    1. You are welcome Sharon! Thank you for reading and commenting! Namaste!

  2. This really spoke volumes to my younger self.
    So happy now that I'm a Crone

    1. Hi Deb! I am happy to be Crone too!!! But I still have to make those Choices darn it! hahahah! Thank you for reading and commenting! Namaste!