Thursday, October 26, 2017

Single Threads of Gold

Single Threads of Gold poured from the crevices of Her Heart.

Never had She felt so Complete and Happy!

He had come into Her Life!

Right there Sitting in the Lifeguard Chair was her Adonis. Her God!

They Met, they Dated, they held Tightly to each other as they Floated after hours, in the cool Waters of the Swimming Pool.

There in the Lifeguard Chair sat Her God, her Lover, her One!

She was so sure he was the One, she didn't notice the first Tugs on the Golden Threads cascading from her Heart!

The Journey became less about Love and Play and Floating Together. The Journey became all about the Golden Threads. The Journey became all about Adonis using the Golden Threads to Control and eventually Strangle this Woman who had Fallen desperately in Love with The Man in the Lifeguard Chair.

Sometimes we Choose the Lifeguard, convinced he will save us from Ourselves.

Sometimes we Confuse Love and Control and let Another use our Golden Threads to Silence our Voice.

Once Upon a Time, she Gathered the few Remaining Threads not Bound around her Throat and Walked Away from the God of the Lifeguard Chair.

Slowly, the Golden Threads Unwound and once again Flowed gently from her Heart.

She Sang the Song of Guarding Her Golden Threads!

Once Upon a Time......

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