Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Invisible Woman

She sat at her window seat Once Upon a Time.

This Window Seat had become the Lens she looked through into a World passing her by.

No one stopped to Wave.

No one paused to Smile.

No one noticed her sitting at her Window Seat.

And yet she sat Waiting.

Waiting for someone to Notice her.

This, The Invisible Woman!

No one Noticed her in Elementary school when she fell off the Teeter Totter.

They Laughed.

No one noticed her in college as she lay on the couch Sobbing after being raped by three fraternity brothers.

No one noticed her as she tried to hide the Bruises graciously awarded her for Burning the morning Toast.

No one noticed her when she was left for Dead by the man who promised to love her, 'til death does us part.'

This The Invisible Woman!

At her Window Seat, she Gazes through the Lens of Hope and Survival.

This, the Invisible Woman, sits at her Window Seat, Gazing at the World.

Waiting to be Noticed.


  1. you are a burning hot bright light in my world sis!! love you!!

  2. thank you for reading and commenting! Love you sister Raven Spirit Song!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Sharon. This is about ALL women with different experiences that make them Invisible. In fact ALL women are invisible in this patriarchal society we live in, right? Blessed be!